An election season, a time, when opportunists-experienced or novice, reach the height of hypocrisy, a time which brings out their true color and amp; hidden agendas, precisely a time when marketers hit the bulls eye to rake in as much as dividend possible to balloon their coffers. A glimpse of a real man and a character worthy of praise becomes a rare commodity.

The sale of the electable and unfortunate spectacle of turncoats reflects the presence of lousy and murky individuals ready to expose themselves. The sale of their identity and soul for monetary gains baffles the masses who are caught up in the system of ‘barbarism, cast, and clan’ end up paying no heed to this joke of changing loyalties. The direction becomes wavered. Nothing can be more unraveling for a democracy then the political engineering aimed to bring the same faces under a new boss.

No doubt electable or non-electable, politicians attempt to salvage a position, creating a persona, gaining leverage to go unchallenged despite a scrutiny of the unparalleled level, in times of powerful social media. Illusions tempt, promises appeal them, dreams of brighter future, lure them to board the ship.

One such person who chose to alienate and escape the common passage to find a brave alternate is PTI’s MPA ticket hopeful Raja Naeem Nawaz.

Nawaz single-handedly gave his sweat and blood for the party in PP-34, Sarai Alamgir. After living bulk of his life abroad, Nawaz had returned to change the fortunes of his country and particularly his locality.

He has been a part of the community through all thick and thin, according to sources from the area. In 2013, elections, he managed to secure 32,795 votes. A soft-spoken gentleman from Puran, Sarai Alamgir has been particularly famous among the youth of PTI. In 2013 campaign and even afterward he generously contributed towards party fund.

After being denied the ticket, despite being called over to Lahore by Aleem Khan, and allegedly even after submitting Rs 2.5 million for the party to secure a ticket, he felt cheated and hard down by.

His family cried foul and issued series of harsh messages against the provincial leadership. Sources claim party Chief Imran Khan had confirmed his ticket personally. Even during a gathering related to membership campaign, Imran acknowledged that Naeem Nawaz has been supporting him for a long time and was all praise for him for wonderful arrangements-on his arrival.

It all turned around so quickly for Nawaz. Nevertheless, he dealt with it very gracefully and announced to stick with Khan under all circumstances. Despite an epic ditch from Khan’s PTI behind his back, he is not willing to leave the party. He counted his efforts for the betterment of the party in the region. “My close companions especially his father is miffed with him over his principal stand,” he told in a press conference. 

His ‘supporters and baradari’ supported him to contest the elections as an independent candidate. People pushed him to fight against the PTI. Though, he thanked his supporters for backing him up but made it clear that he won’t be taking part in July 25 elections.

“We (PTI) stand for a new system and a much-needed change in the country. It might result in wrong decisions. If Imran was a better choice yesterday, a decision against my candidacy won’t make him a bad choice. I still stand by him and I fully accept his decision and announce not to contest the election from PP-34.”

My election as MPA or MNA is not important but the system needs to change. I was in it yesterday and will continue my struggle. People may propagate that I may leave the party, but I am not. I will support PTI and will do all I can to get it succeeded in the upcoming elections.

This election campaign is like no other. Voters are ridiculing the ‘temporary Khadims’ for being a permanent ‘Saeen/Wadera’-who never visit the constituency after winning the elections.

People like Naeem Nawaz who deserve a chance are unable to play a part, despite making great efforts, especially, when the country needs them the most. The system of electable is a curse which seems to fail in this country. It may result in a temporary win for Khan. But, it would need a miracle to turn around the fortune of the country from the same squad which brought the country to the brink.