KARACHI - Political parties failed to create the traditional enthusiasm witnessed in urban Sindh politics ahead of the general elections scheduled to be held on July 25.

According to the details, urban politics of the province witnessed strong party structure with ideologically strong party candidates particularly during election campaign in last many decades. For the first time in last couple of decades, parties showing such an interest in urban Sindh politics and fielded their candidates with an objective to achieve maximum in the upcoming general elections.

Currently, political parties awarding tickets to the candidates having sound financial resources, instead of ideologically strong candidates. The candidates of different political parities believed in the investment of rupees two million for the constituency of provincial assembly while some five million for the national assembly contest.

Talking to The Nation Hammad Khan Sherwani, an angry local leader of PPP contesting from PS-99 as an independent candidate, revealed that PPP awarding tickets to the candidates having strong financial background. He cited that the PPP awarded ticket to Lala Rahim because of the strong financial background but the same ticket has been given to another more wealthy man Shahab Abro.

He alleged that the tickets had been distributed among the candidates on favouritism therefore he decided to contest as an independent because he used to work for the people of the said constituency since last many years in terms of leasing of their Ghots, providing electricity and water. He said that PTI candidate Haleem Adil Shaikh running a rich campaign, opened number of PTI office, using dozen of vehicles including intercity buses and expensive jeeps, cars roaming in the constituency. 

Following the code of conduct given by the election commission ahead of the expenditures of campaign also cause to dull the colures of elections as candidates having limited resources unable to hire offices, buses and vehicles to run the campaign.  

Traditional politically dominated areas of different political parties are trying to the create election environment in their dominated areas likewise Lyari, Malir, Landhi, Korangi and other outskirts of the city where PPP and Muhajir Qaumi Movement Haqqiqi trying gear up the election campaign. Professor Dr. Tuseef Ahmed while talking to the The Nation said candidates of different parties facing lack of public response and an extreme criticism during the campaign but it’s a good sign to mobilize the voters. He said that scenario in Karachi’s election campaign has totally changed as Pakistan People Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan leader Dr. Farooq Sattar, Pak Sarzameen Party leader Chairman Mustafa Kamal, PTI leader Dr. Amir Liaquat and various other party leaders and candidates facing public anger during running campaign. Dr Tuseef Ahmed added that public criticism with the leaders is a good sign as leader should be accountable before the voters. He said that it’s essential for the political leaders to face public anger to mobilize the voters. He pointed out that the if political parties fail to create election environment till the next week affecting the voters behavior and also strengthen the position of MQM founder Altaf Hussain.    

An interesting skirmish within the political parities also witnessed here in the metropolis for party tickets even in MQM party workers showing their reservations over the distributions of the party tickets. There are number of political parity supposed to replace the MQM in upcoming general elections of 2018.

It’s widely believed that in current political situation, MQM all factions would boycott the elections as London chapter of the MQM has already distanced itself from the election process. Previous elections witnessed that the Urdu speaking voters used to cast their votes to MQM founder Altaf Hussain and candidates not even bear the expense of a single corner meeting as party unit and sectors of their areas used to arrange everything for the candidates.

Karachi used portrayed strong hold of the MQM where party activists used to decorate the whole constituency with portraits of Party Chief, party flags and election symbols but this time, number of parties are on the ground but unable to create such an environment that has been witnessed in previous elections.