ISLAMABAD - Balochistan government would initiate 12 new projects for providing clean drinking water in different districts of the province. The government had allocated Rs 354.20 million in the financial year 2020-21 for the water supply projects, an official of the Balochistan government said on Thursday while talking to media.

The Balochisatn government had planned to install Canal Water Treatment Plants at various cities of the province to ensure quality drinking water.

The government would install canal water treatment plants at eight water supply schemes of District Sibi, Jafferabad, Naseerabad, Usta Muhammad and Sohbat Pur to purify the canal water.

The work was in process to supply water to Zhob city from Sabkazai Dam and the work on Mangi Dam project to supply clean drinking water to Quetta city was in full swing, he added.

He said that the feasibility study of Burj Aziz Khan and Babar Kutch Dams was underway which would provide clean drinking water to Quetta city and surrounding areas.

Govt has earmarked Rs354.2m in FY 2020-21 for water supply projects

The official said that Gwadar, Pasni and surrounding areas were being supplied with clean drinking water through Shadi Kor, Akra Kor dams through pipelines which were earlier at the mercy of the tanker mafia.

In the financial year 2020-2021, Rs 15.006 billion had been allocated for development in drinking water and irrigation sector to ensure water availability in the province.

He said the government had established new water filtration plants in every district of the province to provide clean drinking water to the citizens.

The official regretted over closure of water treatment plants saying “we have also been working on the restoration of the water treatment plants that were installed by the previous government”. He said “The province is facing acute water shortage as the previous government did nothing on this important issue.” He said resolving the water issue was top priority of the present government.

All available resources would be utilized for the early completion of clean water projects, he added. He said that the steps would be taken to achieve the target and to ensure the availability of safe drinking water to the people of the province.

He said the government had announced water emergency in the province and had been taking immediate steps to start the projects related to clean water. Utilizing all resources, proper measures had been taken to keep all tube-wells in the province operational so that the citizens would get water on scheduled timings, he added.