LAHORE - PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has warned buyers of state-owned enterprises, saying his party would cancel all privatization agreements after coming into power.

Speaking at video-link meetings with representatives of the Civil Aviation Authority and Pakistan International Airlines employees on Thursday, he said that those planning to buy state-owned enterprises should be aware that the PPP government would declare all such decisions null and void.

CAA Union’s Patron-in-Chief Timur Baig, Chairman Ayaz Butt, President Naveed Kayani and General Secretary Samiullah also participtaed in the meeting.

President of PIA People’s Unity Hidayatullah, SVP Muhammad Ashraf, VP Zameer Chandio and others were present in the video link meeting.

Representatives of the two bodies briefed Bilawal on the financial health of their respective institutions and the likely impact of privatization on the national economy and security.

They said the CAA earned Rs89 billion profit during the year despite the coronavirus outbreak. Bilawal vowed to protect his motherland’s jewels under any circumstances.

He said the party would rather restore the workers’ shares in the state-run enterprises.

Referring to proposed privatization of the three major airports, he said these airports were also used by security agencies. He feared that their handing over to private managements could jeopardize the national security.

“We will not allow Imran Khan to hand over valuable airport lands to his cronies,” he said, adding, selling the profit-earning companies showed that the present regime was bent upon destroying Pakistan.  He said it was time for workers across Pakistan to unite against the ‘fascist regime’.

He said the global ban on PIA flights was due to incompetence of the incumbent government.

He said Imran Khan’s aim was only to protect the interests of his business friends, but Pakistan’s assets were the property of the nation.

Bilawal also held a video link meeting with PPP South Punjab leaders, including Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood, Natasha Daultana, Mustafa Mahmood and Abdul Qadir Shaheen.

Political situation, particularly after the budget, in South Punjab was discussed in the meeting.

Bilawal said that ‘incompetent’ government would be exposed at every forum.

He said Imran Khan did nothing but made accusations in the last two years and that the people would accept every option other than Imran Khan.