An observation of the picture in which car used during the shooting of 'Deewangi' scene has sparked reaction from audiences due to the strange coincidence that it is similar to the car used in the attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange.  

Investigations reveal that the car was bought only recently by terrorists from a showroom in Karachi's Sabzimandi area. The car was bought on June 24, four days prior to the attack.

The scene is from 33rd episode of 'Deewangi' drama. A specific timeline can be traced to establish a proper idea regarding the car being at certain place during specific time. The car appeared in the episode aired on July 1, 2020, which was two days after the attack took place.

In the particular scene of the drama, two characters from the serial can be seen conversing and walking in an open parking space at Hill Park. A car with the same number plate as the one used in the PSX attack can be seen as the actors walk past it.  

The episode itself had been shot 10 months earlier, on August 30, 2019.