The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan issued its annual report on Wednesday May 11, 2016. According to the report there has been a very serious increase in the violation of human rights across the country. The report observes the rise in the sexual harassment, disappearances, honour killings, rape, and abduction. Keeping in mind the recent lynching of Mashaal Khan, killing of people over allegations of blasphemy with no sound proof has reached an alarming level. All this is a very depressing, but there is one important recommendation that has been made in the report and is quite alarming; “reinstating the moratorium on death penalty.” This recommendation aims to abolish such punishments. In a country where terrorism has wiped out a large number of civilians and we’ve lost many of our army men including officers from the top cadre, this seems a recommendation which will give more space to the terrorist groups. Pakistan ended a seven-year moratorium on death penalty after the army public school massacre. Fighting a major war against terrorism, conducting countrywide operations against the militants and establishing military courts across the country to counter terrorism and end it from roots, Pakistan on no grounds can accept this recommendation because the country cannot afford another army public school massacre. 


Lahore, May 12.