LAHORE - The Punjab Healthcare Commission on Saturday has closed down another 40 outlets of quacks in different parts of the city.

Moreover, the Commission has also initiated action against the laser and hair transplant centres. Out of the eight visited yesterday, the Advance Hair Transplant Centre was sealed since it was neither registered with the PHC nor had a specialist doctor. Also, another owner was found to have closed his business.

According to details, in their action against quacks, the PHC teams had visited 163 treatment centres, and closed down 40 premises, being run by quacks. These included 19 quacks, posing as general physicians, nine bone-setters and hakeems, four each fake dentists and laboratories, three medical stores and a homoeopathic doctor’s clinic for practising allopathy. Out of the visited outlets, 53 quacks were found to have quit quackery and started other businesses.

Since the SC orders last month, the PHC teams had visited 9,512 treatment centres across the province, and sealed 3,250 quacks’ outlets. As per the census, 2,413 quacks had quit quackery. On the other hand, the Commission has received 1705 applications for desealing the closed premises.