Rawalpindi-Five officials of Adiala Jail have been caught red handed for arranging meetings of family members with inmates (hardcore criminals) that too inguise of AC technicians apparently against hefty bribes despite a strict ban imposed by the government in the wake of spread of coronavirus.   

A high level inquiry has been launched into a scam involving five officials. Inquiry is being held by Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Prisons Rawalpindi Region/North Zone Malik ShaukatFeroz against the five officials including Assistant Superintendents Prison (ASPs) Imran Riaz, AdeelZafar, Selection Guard Warder SaqibYasin (who is also incharge of Jail PCO), HawaldarZulfiqarNiazi and UmerHafeez, the Warden.

The five officials have been transferred to DIG Office from the jail by the superintendent after unearthing the scam. According to details, SG Warder/InchargeSaqibYasin has intimated the jail authorities that an air condition is not working properly inside the jail and he wanted to bring a technician inside to get the AC repaired.

Saqib brought an AC technician along with three men including father, brother and brother-in-law of a murder accused Ali inside the PCO on May 27 to have their meeting with the inmate. The meeting between the family members and murder accused lasted for two hours after which Ali requested the authorities to allow him to carry his father along with him to show his room 8 of barrack 1, where he was being kept.

However, the request of murder accused was turned down and he got annoyed with the SG SaqibYasin. “Why I am not being allowed to bring my father in my barrack when I had paid hefty bribe for this purpose,” sources quoted Ali as shouting at the jail authorities. After this incident, a rift developed between the jail officials when SaqibYasin made noise that he was not accepting the bribe alone rather share is being given to high ups. ASP Imran Riaz had prepared a report about the occurrence of incident besides submitting it to Superintendent Adiala Jail.

Several attempts were made to hush up the issue by the jail authorities but the jail superintendent has to take legal action against the officials involved in the scam by transferring them from jail to DIG Office. DIG Prisons Rawalpindi Range (North Zone) Malik ShaukatFeroz also came into action and held an inquiry against the five officials.

All the five accused officials were summoned by the DIG and their statements were also recorded.

When contacted, Adiala Jail Superintendent SaqibNazirChaudhry confirmed that DIG has started inquiry into the scandal in his office. He said one warden is being tried for his involvement in the scam.