LAHORE - Justice (r) Dr Javed Iqbal has said that the US has hand in change in Pakistan and it is feared that Army will again take over during the current crisis. He said we should not pin hopes on US President Barak Obama as he is pursuing Bush's policies. Delivering his presidential address at a special lecture at Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan on Monday, he said that our policies are to maintain cordial relations with all countries. We are not in a position to adopt aggressive policies except being defensive. US think tanks often think on disintegration of Pakistan and in every cabinet, an American man is present. But, he said, none could render loss to the country than by our own. This was done in Bengal. He said it is unfortunate that Arab could not unite against Israel. European Union gave membership to Romania but refused to Turkey. Pakistan played a role in the independence of Morocco, Algiers and Indonesia but these countries never supported Pakistan in the liberation of Kashmir. Yasser Arafat was pro Indian despite being Muslim. Pakistan is not failed state but rulers are incompetent, he added. Aghi Programme Nazria Pakistan Trust sent two mobile units of its programme Aghi on Monday. The first team visited Govt Girls Higher Secondary School, Ravi Road where Principal Humaira Daher presided over the ceremony. The other team visited Govt Central Model school, Samanabad where senior headmaster Mohammad Siddique Anjum presided over the ceremony. Prof M Saeed Sheikh and Prof Abdus Salam delivered lectures at both places.