LAHORE - Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) is hosting AFC President’s Cup Group Stage (Qualification) Tournament here at Punjab Stadium from May 8 to 13.

According to PFF spokesman, four champion clubs (three foreign and one local) will participate in the tournament. The award for holding this event shows the confidence reposed in the leadership of PFF professional competence, administrative skills and devotion for the promotion and development of football in Pakistan. It

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) President's Cup is an annual international association competition between domestic clubs’ sides run by the AFC.

Qualification to the competition is the clubs from AFC-affiliated countries which fall into the AFC's 'emerging nations' category as laid out in their 'Vision Asia' document. Countries which are 'mature' and 'developing' nations are entered the AFC Champions League and the AFC Cup respectively.

For an 'emerging nation' to have a team representing it in the competition, however, the country must have an acceptable football league. The team that represents a country in one season of the competition is the defending champion of the top-level leagues of participating countries.