Raja Noor Ilahi Atif


It is very strange that a goat gave birth to a baby goat with cutting-neck in village Karloonwala where a great rush of people was seen visiting the house to observe the strange animal.

Malik Nasir Iqbal Karloo, owner of the goat, said that except for the cutting-neck of baby goat, all of its features are normal like other animals. According to Mr Karloo, the baby goat is still alive and they are feeding it through a feeder. According to the owner, it is taking milk around to a kilogramme twice a day through the feeder. He further said that it was very amazing and astounding for them when they feed the impaired baby goat. He said that a number of people were visiting his house on a daily basis.

However, an eminent religious personality of Thal Allama Sher Muhammad Silavi said that birth of such strange animal was a miracle of Allah Almighty. It is pertinent to mention here that the birth of baby goat with cutting-neck caused a sensation in Thal as a large number of people from different areas including women, young girls, children and even elderly people thronged the dera of Malik Nasir Karloo to have a glimpse of the impaired maimna.

Talking to The Nation, a veterinary doctor Munir said that there are very less chances of the maimna's survival but its further survival was indeed a miracle of Allah Almighty.