By H. Ayesha Habib

“I suggest my students to think for themselves, to make their own free and informed decisions about what is valid in their native.”

Muhammad Huzair Awan became the Microsoft Certified IT Professional at the age of seven and by the time he was eight years and three months old, he made the world record by becoming the first Pakistani and youngest student who passed I.T Security Exam from International Computer Driving License (ICDL). Around 12 million students from 150 countries participated in the examination but our little hero emerged as a winner. Let’s have a chit chat with our cyber kid:

How you got into computer field? Was it a hobby or passion?

It started of as a hobby. I used to play AngryBird game on my papa’s facebook account. One day my Windows got corrupted and I didn’t know how to fix it. So I waited for my father, he returned home, I rushed towards him and told him about my trouble. Unexpectedly, my father said, “Tum nay kharab kiya hai, tum he theek karo”, (you have caused the trouble now fix it yourself). That’s the first time when I started self-learning. Later, he taught me how to install Win-XP at the age of 5, and gradually it turned into my passion.

Why you took the Microsoft course?

As every computer need Microsoft. Microsoft is an undisputed tycoon in the field of I.T. Linux for highly professionals and multinational organizations.

How did your family support to help you in achieving this position?

It is Allah Pak’s blessing upon me.  My family supported me from very first day. My teacher Hafiz Bilal informed my father that Arfa Karim was 9-years-old when she passed Microsoft Exam if he would pass this exam; he can hit the World Record at the age of 7. In simple words, it’s not a single person’s achievement but a combined struggle.

Where do you practice for Microsoft?

I learn at Cyber Brain Educational Institute where I am still a student. Here I attended every computer class ICS/BCS/9th/10th, even computer foundation courses. One day my Sir Hafiz Bilal said to me, “Go to my class and teach the Microsoft Word”, the 1st turning point in my life. When I started teaching to different age students, my learning level started improving and it was then when I started charging for my services. I would charge a Shawarma for installing Window and Pizza for breaking login passwords.

What’s your objective to achieve from this field?

Now I am also a programmer. I build my own website and in future I want to excel in HTML, Java Script, CSS, C++, C# languages.

Every person has some kind of motivation behind his career. What motivated you to become IT Professional?

Yup, you are right; my motivation is my Papa. When I opened my eyes I watched my papa with PC. When he had a leisure time he spends his time with P.C. My father always encourages me to fulfill my dreams.

Any funniest thing ever happened to you during lecturing or attending any event?

When Governor Punjab invited me at Governor House, security offices at the gate did not allow me to enter with my father. My father told him, ‘Bhai mey tau waisay he sath aya hoon, meeting tau iss bachay ki hai governor kay sath’ (I am here to accompany the kid, actually it is him who has to meet the Governor). The security persnal got shocked and let us through.

What do you think should be improved in Computer education in Pakistan?

Computer books in class 9/10. In routine life we are using win 10/8.1 but in books we are reading floppy drive, Dos, Gw Basic. Like Gw Basic is just a black screen without any visualization but Visual Basic can replace Gw basic. Daily new inventions replace older ones but in our books we still have 1980’s devices which we see in museum now.

You became an IT professional at just 7, now where you sees yourself after 10 years?

I.T is a very vast field. Different sections, Development, Networking, Hardware, Troubleshooter, Gamer, Web-Development, Virtualization so in simple words, “Abhi tu party Shuru Huwi hay”(the party has only begun).

Published in Young Nation on 12 Sep, 2015