It is excellent to know that the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Mr Asif Saeed Khan Khosa resolves to clear pendency of the cases in his court. It is also good to know that he is against the production of various fake witnesses in many cases and, therefore, wants to see amendment in the criminal justice system for giving a harsher punishment to these false witnesses as well besides giving just punishment to the actual perpetrators.

Being an ordinary citizen of this country, I would request to the Chief Justice of Pakistan for taking serious steps for improving the performance of the lower courts of the state such as Sessions Courts and Civil Courts, as well. Corruption is very much rife in these courts. It takes years to decide a criminal or a civil case in these courts. Sometimes, the second generation of a family is seen in these courts for seeking justice in a case.

This situation creates justified frustration and disappointment in many genuine petitioners. The dispensation of timely justice should be the responsibility of any court. I hope, our current Chief Justice would pass necessary instructions to all the lower courts of the country for the timely disposal of all the cases, especially the ones which are lingering on for many years due to the delaying tactics of delinquent parties.


Karachi, February 11.