MULTAN               -            Exactly 1170 poultry units have been provided to the people at a subsidized price of Rs 1050 per unit in Multan division from July 2019 to Feb 2020 to enable them earn livelihood through sale of eggs and healthy chicken meat. Additional director livestock Multan division Dr Afzal told APP that every bird of all units are vaccinated and added that each hen has the potential to give over 300 eggs per year. He said that poultry unit meant for eggs comprises five hens and a cock while the unit meant for chicken meat comprises twelve (12) cocks. All birds are of the age of two and half months.  He said that 900 poultry units for eggs and 270 poultry units of cocks have so far been sold out to the people at a subsidized price through a transparent process of draw from July 2019 to Feb 2020. He said that all the poultry units sold were showing good results. He said that the poultry unit of cock becomes ready for use as chicken meat after five months.