LAHORE (PPI) - Cellular subscribers, availing the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service to switch their network, have crossed 10 million figure, reveals the latest figures. As per experts, Pakistan is the first and successful country of South Asia, which has implemented the MNP service. Over a period of three years since its inception in March 2007, it witnessed consistent growth in service utility by the mobile phone users. The number of subscribers migrated from one cellular network from other has reached 3.44 million in March 2010, showing around 200 percent growth in one year to reach a total of 10.642 million subscribers till March 2011. Over 7.2 million subscribers out of 10.64 million in total, availed MNP service in last one year, showing a substantial growth thanks to lucrative offers by cellular companies for MNP customers, data said.