I come to an end, where life turns to seize effort, like water in a stagnant pond. I see, I hear, I feel, but I may regret if I enunciate my intentions; but who so cares, let me rid myself of an encumbrance, of what I carry inside. I lose optimism, when the burdens of this contemporary world, draft my resolutions and advise my directions, I feel strayed to not walk a path that I sense as unconventional, that is what I am and not what the world wants me to be. If you may, so, and I may, too, be what we are meant to be, and not what we become; the world will turn to be, what it was meant to be.

In this unforgiving world, I witness the unremarkable, and the exceptional incidents, both, in every hour that passes by. I observe the cruelties, the viciousness, the brutalities and the callousness of mankind, one man castigates the other and upon the return of time, demands mercy for himself. Every man carries a bag of profits, and reckons his paybacks, learns the art of grabbing and repudiates an altruistic method even to the slightest of existence. The poor suffer scarcity, and the rich relish abundance. Dolts rule the masses, and the intellectuals adapt. Mothers raise their children, only to be consumed by the carnivores. Man suffers through the process of justice, until the actual punishment seems to be liberation from the agony of the process. Individuals maximize their capital, countries maximize theirs. I see a venomous cycle, in which no participant remains. Why should I seek a path of destruction, I shall not follow you to the dungeons of devastation, I am free to decide, as free as a wandering child and so shall I seek a path of internal peace.

I seek a world where bounded self-interest is not an essential, where man, does not slay man to seek pleasure and benefit, where I do not face, all that I mention as complete menace; where individuals are not manacled by the fascinations of technology and modernization, but rather a place where individuals are enraptured by the splendors of nature. I intend to build a humble abode, surrounded with the blessings of the green. So every day that I wake up, I can feel the breeze welcoming me to the brilliant morning, and I can adore even the slightest moments of my life. A place, where man is not allowed to be distressed from the evils of modernity; rather, is characterized by the old fashions, deep rooted in his soul. I shall follow the contours of my path, shined by the moons light; leading me, to the last of the heaven's doors. Green fields that are, ubiquitous, and a luxury for the eyes. Let there be a dwelling, inattentive to all the machineries and distractions, but only attractions to the loved ones, so I stand every day on the edge of the hill, from where I see my late father positioned far off my sight, with an effulgent smile, may be that my father is not alive, do I think of a realm which is more conceivable in the life hereafter. Even then, should it stop me from imagining the world that I wanted to, or should have been born in? I, as an eccentric, move with my caravan of joy to a place unknown, but confidently, far better than the one I live in.