Former PM, recently disqualified by SC, has objected to visits by CJ of Pakistan to Mayo Hospital Lahore and other state institutions. Such visits irk political parties by pointing lapses of elected executive and paid bureaucracy in providing basic health. Although it is constitutional obligation of every government to provide health, education, and social justice etc to every citizen, successive governments have absolved themselves by outsourcing to private sector, run as commercial ventures beyond the reach of masses. 

The last two major hospitals build by State was Liaquat National Hospital Karachi in October 1958 by PM Suhrwardy and PIMS Islamabad established in February 1989 by Benazir Bhutto. Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Lahore and Rahimyar were donated by Sheikh, while Services Hospital started as satellite of Mayo Hospital in 1958. All other government run hospitals were built before partition. Similar is situation with education, where government has failed miserably and decided to outsource to private sector. Quality of education, health and law-enforcement has deteriorated ever-since 1979. 

When expectant mothers give birth on hospital floors, along with other patients, because of shortage of beds etc, these images broadcast by media haunt government. It would be unfair to blame only MNS, because socio economic development schemes, has never been priority of any civil or military government. Motorways and signal free roads benefit hardly 5% of population and contractors. 

Green belts on periphery of cities and forest land which once provided fresh vegetables, fruits and protein to citizens, and aided in providing a healthy environment, have been converted into concrete jungles by Land Mafia in nexus with corrupt paid and elected public office holders. It is no longer primary role of police to enforce laws and protect lives or private property of citizens, who are advised to make their own arrangements. 


Lahore, April 2.