Ramadhan, the month of blessings for Muslims is awt all time relevant to eating. Numerous people at the time of Sehari and Aftari cook some delicious food in their cabooses while others prefer to dangle out for the superlative Sehri/Aftari deals. The dining tables are set for nourishing yet dissimilar objects. Starting from Desi Ghee Paratha to Spanish Cheese Omelette every Sehri/Aftari is planned in a different manner. Unusual Ramadhan feasts are quite common and eating together gives people extraordinary taste of pleasant food.

Ramadhan-2020 is someway different for many, the ingress of COVID-19 fully changed the scene specially for epicureans. People who were scheduling for luxurious feasts out are nowadays sedentary at their homes waiting for the delivery lads to hand over their paraphernalia and those who use to love home prepared meal have advanced themselves.

The scope of large bistros has also been transformed. From spacious profligate Aftar buffets to packets, the whole shebang got altered in no stint. The flimflam of extravagant banquets has now rehabilitated into the take-out/delivery platters. Instead of people waiting for their turn to be served fine feasts, café proprietors now wait for the delivery boys to carry the order to their treasured clients. Identifying the circumstances, many eateries have established their online presence so that the clienteles can order their beloved saucers from the affluence of home.

On the other hand, people who were already preparing their food in the galleys have progressed their pantries. They have upgraded their class from cooking the conventional nutriment to the lavish homemade junk. Women in the households are trying new dishes are being prepared by ensuing the guidelines of famed sous-chefs.

All in all, what can easily be sensed is that the epicures are being troubled by this pandemic. The hype of well-known restaurants has ended.

The restaurant business is missing all its flimflam and allure. The battle of cafeterias to fetch out diverse food has practically finished nowadays. The only thing about which the bistros are worried is the deals/packages by which they can fascinate the people. People who love to haunt are disenchanted by the situation being formed amid COVID-19.

What foodies are coming up is the reappearance of the foodaholic atmosphere to slay their hunger.