LAHORE A meeting of Hamdard Shura was held on Wednesday to commemorate the death anniversary of Hakim Mohammad Saeed here at Hamdard Centre. Many speakers including Sartaj Aziz, Sadia Rashid, Dr Rafiq Ahmad, Prof. Afzal Najeeb, Brig. (R) Ishfaq Ahmad, Dr. MA Sufi, Hakim Rahat Nasim, Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Azhar, Maj. (R) Muhammad Younas, Qayyum Nizami, Hassan Abbas and others also spoke on the occasion. The speakers while highlighting the role of Shaheed-e-Pakistan Hakim Muhammad Saeed for the promotion of education, health and Tibb-e-Mashriq said that he had a multi-dimensional personality who rendered his meritorious services in many sectors. He is a role model for the youth as he set worthwhile examples of hard work, honesty and love for humanity. Due to his achievements, Hakim Saeed rightly deserves the title of Sir Syed Saani. The speakers further said that Shaheed-e-Pakistan Hakim Shaheed spent all his income on the welfare of humanity that was a rare example. Hakim Saeed gave Tibb-e-Mashriq the status of an industry and promoted research in this field. He was a great individual who established new institutes in Pakistan through his earnings. Hakim Saeed, they said, did not make any property and lived in a simple house. Javed Iqbal