Pakistan, an Islamic country has no fair share and safe havens for women. Pakistan is understood to be one of the top 10 worst countries of the world. There have been 14,850 kidnapping cases involving women, child and girls.  

It is said that only last year in Punjab, 2000 women were kidnapped and amongst them 80 percent were raped while some were killed terribly and 980 infants had been abducted including the innocents and new-born children. According to (WAP) in Pakistan, one rape case takes place every two hours as 370 rape were registered in the country and still 3100 cases are under investigation. 70 to 90 percent women are suffering from the domestic violence as well as children are also in the same boat. Yet no change has taken place. Though we have progressed as a nation, violence against women remains the same. There is no respect or justice for women at all. Recently, a five-year-old girl was raped in Lahore. Today’s so called men have no humanity. I would like to ask the government to take care of all these problems. 


Delta, September 30.