Asia Bibi’s case: Supreme Court executed its job

I am a person who believes in freedom of expression, yet I clearly reject hate speech. Blasphemy is a serious offense and should not be tolerated. However, who will decide it occurred or not. Seriously, educate me. Who will? We are a democratic country, and we have struggled a whole millennium of 70 years struggling to become stable. Fortunately, we have a supreme court, whose Chief Justice is Muslim by religion. Could you imagine a person tolerating blasphemous speech against his religion? There wasn’t enough evidence. Nothing to prove the case on Asia Bibi. Please, for the love of Holy Prophet (PBUH), explore the truth and act wisely.

What’s wrong with us whilst analysing Asia Bibi case?

I am heart wrenched after seeing people dying on the street the other day, feeling the terror, and witnessing the destruction of private and governmental entity. All in all, the life at this moment had been frozen. It was a cold moment for humanity and peace. The two substantial elements that Islam stresses. Concerning the case, let’s not go through what happened in the past. What Salman Taseer said or how Asia Bibi was forced to confess wrong statement. If we consider forceful convictions due to police brutality, why we become ignorant when it comes to panchayat? Let’s do justice with our analyzation as humans and use our mind as God granted us this superior power of thinking and seeking truth. Let’s do it!

Why only Supreme Court acquitted Asia Bibi?

People ask a question as to why Sessions Court and Lahore High Court convicted her for blasphemy and endorsed death penalty. There are mainly two reasons. First, it is obvious that death threats from the extremists who use Islam for their political gains that might have forced the judges; you have see the chaos by now, for which most judges were afraid of. Secondly, the judges of lower courts were not that courageous to take the risks of their lives for justice. In any situation, Asia Bibi suffered the most, around 8 years in jail and looking for a messiah. If Session Courts and District Courts are always right, then why law allows moving up to SC? Supreme Court is the last resort in the struggle to find justice. This channel opens several evidences and several other details pop out during the trails – let it be.

State and SC vs people – A dilemma

If we are to decide the case, why have we established courts and paying the judges salary from our tax. It is obvious, it is their job. Criticizing the judgement is fine but going against the verdict and then creating a havoc, chaos, and mayhem – it is literally not what Islam, the religion of peace, profess. Earlier, I have been the main critic of Imran Khan. Reason? He introduced these blockades, dharnas, and marches. I stood with opposition saying, “Such measures hamper the government to function properly.” When Nawaz Sharif said, “Awaam ki adaalat”, people of Pakistan stood against this issue because PML-N intended to disrespect SC; and it was a measure to create chaos. When Bilawal Bhutto decided to use parliament to protest for the election rigging, the critics even shouted, “Brave, that’s legit.” Then, what has happened now? Why are we appearing to mislead by those who use religion for their gains? Why can’t we listen to other Islamic scholars who are saying this decision is not un-Islamic.

What was the fault of the people who were being mugged? What was the fault of those people whose property, cars, vehicles, and what else were being burnt? Why are we dragging our country to further misery, when it is already facing a huge economic blow? Why? Even, I was worried about my police officers and rangers who were on streets the other night protecting me and other people, while I was writing this article. It is my humble contribution. I am just playing my part. Writing is all I can do, and I am using it to stand with my State, SC, and truth. Obviously, your decision; you decide.