Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Rana Sanaullah has withdrawn his bail application in his heroin smuggling case just a day after his legal team made the submission.

A anti-narcotics court has allowed Rana Sanaullah and his team to watch the CCTV footage of his arrest. All parties will be able to identify the vehicles through this video. 

Although the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) claims it seized 15 kilogrammes of heroin from Sanaullah's car, Sanaullah has maintains he is innocent. He has been in judicial custody since July 1, making it 3 months since the ANF made the arrest. 

Sanaullah's wife believes the heroin was planted in his car in the chaos of the arrest. Sanaullah's legal team believes the footage is likely to strengthen his case, and can even be used to strengthen his bail application.

In conversation with the media, Sanaullah said all his bank accounts had been frozen by the incumbent government, making it difficult for him to even pay legal fees for his case.