It looks that tensions between Pakistan and India may keep on increasing up to the Kashmir issue isn’t resolved. The argument has now come under international light and is being discussed on many forums. The entire world is struggling to resolve the problem and reduce tensions between India and Pakistan. US President Donald Trump’s advice that Pakistan and India must work towards decreasing tensions in the wake of the immediate cancellation of the special status and autonomy of India-occupied Kashmir shows just how important the situation is between the two nuclear-armed states.

A tough situation but good conversation is how Trump described the current state of matters in this region through his tweet on Monday. Moreover, constructive American engagement with both sides focused on finding a resolution of the Kashmir dispute is important to ensure lasting peace in South Asia for the sake of its people as well as for international security. The world has seen both sides not being able to resolve the issue bilaterally for more than 70 years. On the other hand, there is no doubt that India will put up strong resistance to such efforts.

We as Pakistanis appreciate Trump’s positive attitude towards the Kashmir issue. It is hoped that New Delhi will listen to the voice of reason once the international community realizes that peace and an improved relationship between Pakistan and India is in the best interest of all those with rewards in the sub-continent.