ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People's Party claims that its candidate Asif Ali Zardari would bag nearly 500 out of total around 700 electoral college votes and win presidential election. While talking to the journalists at an Iftar dinner at his residence, Federal Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar denied the impression that there was rift within the 'establishment' over the election of Zardari as President. "It was only the anti-PPP and the anti-Zardari propaganda motivated by the vested interests even in the media," he maintained. According to the Minister, the present leadership of PPP-P has all the guts and political acumen to successfully steer the country out of current political, economic, social and constitutional problems. He was, however, unable to draw outline of his party's concrete steps that would be taken to steer the country out of the current, crises once Zardari is elected as President. While responding to a question, he informed that the PPP's presidential candidate had a clear majority against his competitors and on 6th September he would be elected as constitutional President of Pakistan. Zardari enjoys support by all the mainstream political parties of the country and in this context PML-N is also reviewing its decision to support Asif Ali Zardari as president of Pakistan, he added. He further said that it was the PPP, which stood against the unconstitutional rule of the former dictator and waged a long struggle for bringing him down to his knees. He said the PPP had always condemned the undemocratic and unconstitutional rule of the military dictators and suffered a lot as its workers and leaders had been tortured and sent behind the bars for many years. The Minister also expressed the resolve that the leadership of the PPP had the potential and the capability to surmount challenges and rescue the country from the present quagmire and put it on the economic, social and political stability track. APP ADDS: Minister for Defence, Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar, on Tuesday said there is no political uncertainty in the country or unrest in civil and military bureaucracy as all state institutions are working within the constitutional framework. He stated this in response to a story appearing in a section of the press, creating an impression that PPP leadership lacked the competence to resolve the present crises and clear the mess created due to nine years of misrule by the former dictator, Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf. The Minister said the present political and economic turmoil in Pakistan was the direct outcome of the bad governance and ill planned policies pursued by one person. During his nine years rule, the minister stated, the former Army gaeneral had played havoc with state institutions and pushed the country to the brink of collapse. He said in the past PPP had successfully managed the affairs of the country and safeguarded the national and security interest of the country and would continue to do so in the future as well. The Minister said that states and nations do confront problems and challenges but their political leadership can make a difference.        Referring to National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), he said it was an ordinance for four months and said, "rather than repenting on NRO, we should look forward". The government is planning to establish an Accountability Commission, which will undertake the accountability across the board without any political victimization. The Minister further said that malicious attempt by the vested interest to invite military leadership to intervene is unfair and tantamounts to assault on the democratic system.   The Minister regretted that some quarters are trying to drag National institutions into politics. An institution like Army is well disciplined and well trained to do its job efficiently, rather than interfering into the politics, he added. The Minister said that no sane individual would go to the extent by making such attempt to undermine the democratic institutions and misjudge the capabilities of political leadership.