Heavy rain in Karachi has turned the sea view beach located in Clifton into a garbage dump, with several kilometers of garbage piled up on the waterfront over the past two days. 

Waste from the hospitals, especially several open-needle syringes, have washed up on the shore and pose a severe health hazard for the citizens visiting the beach in the rainy weather. 

Shaniera Akram, the wife of former Pakistan cricket team captain Wasim Akram, recently took to social networking platform Twitter to share the images from the beach in a bid to force authorities to clean-up the area.

"There is kilometers of medical waste including hundreds of open needle syringes, among other things, that has come in from the ocean. Clifton beach, at this moment, is extremely dangerous," she said. 

In a series of messages posted on Tuesday, Shaniera stressed that the media should broadcast the images of the garbage piled up on the beach, as it has a duty of care to protect the lives of the people of Karachi. 

"Clifton beach, as it stands, is totally unsafe, officially hazardous and is in state of an emergency," she warned, urging authorities to act to clean up the place. 

"Medical waste, syringes, viles of blood that has come in from the ocean has spread across Clifton beach for kilometres," she said, adding that she felt scared. 

"I have walked on Clifton beach everyday for the last 4 years and I have never been scared until today. This beach needs to be shut down now," Akram tweeted.