ISLAMABAD - Speakers on Monday stressed for providing training opportunities to the journalists reporting at district level to strengthen their professional capacity.

Association of Agriculture and Environmental Journalists and Hasanabdal Press Club organised a training workshop for the local journalists under the title of ‘Ethics and Responsible Media’.

The participants including president National Press Club Shakeel Qarar, chairman HPC Syed Shehzad Naqvi, Assistant Superintendent Police Azhar Khan, senior journalist Namood Muslim and others spoke on the role of media at district level.

The president NPC on this occasion said that professional training for the working journalists at district level was essential for merit-based reporting. He said that the NPC would also carry such activists and spread it to the district level. He said that the NPC had started the process of scrutiny which was part of reforms being brought in media. He said that only professional media persons should be allowed to carry their profession at any level.

Senior journalists while training district correspondents on digital media and mobile journalism instructed how to use technology in field reporting. They also conveyed different modern techniques to district correspondents in broadcast journalism.

Superintendent Jail Attock Isthiaq Ahmed Gill in his message said that media should play its role in creating awareness in society to accept any individual who is set free after completing his punishment in jail.

Chairman HPC Syed Shehzad Naqvi said that media should report incidents objectively instead of focusing on personalities. He said that responsible reporting based on facts could be done when the media houses provide them opportunities of training.

At the end of the ceremony, ASP Hasnabdal Azhar Khan distributed certificates amongst correspondents from district Attock.