LAHORE - Terming the publishing of caricatures of Holy Prophet (PBUH) by the French Weekly Magazine Charlie Hebdo a disgusting and shameless act, Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has demanded of the government immediately call the OIC meeting to formulate a joint strategy of the Muslim world to stop these satanic acts on permanent basis. Presiding over a meeting of party leaders at Mansoora on Wednesday, he also asked the government to take the matter to the UNO to devise a universal agreement on the respect of all religions. “It is fascism. Millions of Muslims could no more tolerate these blasphemous acts by the supremacist mindset. It aims at destroying the peace of the world.” Sirajul Haq also expressed anger over the act of French President Emmanuel Macron, who refused to condemn the publication of caricatures.  He said the follower of Islam loved the Holy Prophet (PBUH) more than their own lives and the French President badly hurt their feelings by refusing to utter a word against the Charlie Hebdo.