ISLAMABAD - The World Health Or­ganisation (WHO) on Wednesday handed over medical supplies and wa­ter boats to the Nation­al Disaster Management Authority for devastat­ed and displaced Kara­chiites.

On the Occasion of handing over, WHO Country Representa­tive Dr Palitha Mahipala applauded the Pakistan government for compre­hensive COVID-19 re­sponse efforts.

In Pakistan, every year flood brings death and devastation in some parts of the country. This time, Sindh has been the most affected. Various cities in Sindh and es­pecially Karachi is sub­merged. The situation in city is not less than apoc­alyptic for Karachiites who are already grap­pling with the effects of COVID-19.

Many humanitarian or­ganizations are stepping forward to help the gov­ernment of Pakistan in this moment of distress and WHO is one of them which responded earli­est. To accelerate relief and response activities, WHO has donated med­ical supplies and rescue water boats for the peo­ple of Karachi.

Dr Palitha Mahipa­la said: “Pakistanis are resilient and they have faced every challenge courageously. Pakistan’s Corona response story is a success story which is being appreciated all over the globe. We at WHO are standing with the government and peo­ple of Karachi and we will provide full assis­tance in this overwhelm­ing situation caused by floods.”

He also applauded the efforts of the govern­ment for a comprehen­sive and unified response to COVID-19 pandemic.

WHO has donated 25 emergency health kits containing medicines for 75,000 people for one month to meet different health needs in human­itarian emergencies and natural disasters. Two hundred and fifty thou­sand (250,000) aqua tablets are also includ­ed. Flood rescue water boats are also part of do­nation which will help in scaling up relief effort in flood-affected areas and mitigate the impact of the flood.

WHO’s persistent ef­forts to support the gov­ernment of Pakistan in managing disasters are laudable. The charismat­ic leadership of WHO works round the clock to expand and strength­en response activities in Pakistan. 

WHO has stood shoul­der to shoulder with the government during Co­rona preparedness and response activities. Due to relentless support of WHO, the government has been able to artic­ulate confidence in the wake of Covid-19 and implement Corona re­sponse plan effectively.