TARBELA GHAZI - Pakistani scientist Dr Ch Ghulam Sarwar, who discovered water run car, has said that at the time when Pakistan is facing severe kind of energy crisis, they can overcome the shortage of energy by utilising water as fuel.   He said this while talking to this scribe after attending a programme of Annual Day of Mashaal Institute for Special Children at Tarbela as chief guest. 

Dr Ch Ghulam Sarwar said it was very simple to run a vehicle by water, as water is a compound of two gases - Hydrogen and Oxygen - and they extracted the hydrogen gas from water and supply it to engine like CNG or petrol. He claimed that every vehicle including motorcycle, busses, railway engines even an aeroplanes can be run by utilising water as fuel. He further said water has almost double power than other fuels like CNG, petrol of diesel to run a vehicle and also enhance the life of an engine due to non existence of Corbin in it like wise it also give a long life to Mobil Oil.

Dr Ch Ghulam Sarwar said at the present he was utilising 60 per cent water along with 40 per cent other fuels like petrol or diesel as helping fuel but within next two months he would have gotten an opportunity to run an engine 100 per cent on water without any helping fuel. 

Dr Ch Ghulam Sarwar was disappointed over what he called the government indifference and said that he returned to his homeland after passing 55 year in the UK with a passion to serve his own nation enabling it to overcome the energy crisis, but the government was not cooperating with him. He said the government thought that the free of cost methods do not suit them as there was no ‘kickback or commission’ in them.

He said all the vehicles were converted on water then how they would get huge taxes from public for their own luxuries. He said if they utilised the method his introduced to run transport they would be able to utilise gas and petroleum for other purposes. He claimed that all kinds of engines, which were run by gas or oil, could be converted to water.

Dr Sarwar said with tears visible in his eyes that there was no energy crisis in the country but it was self-created by rulers. He wished to run all vehicles including motorcycles, busses, tractors, tube wells, rails even aeroplanes by water.

Dr Sarwar said the way to make the country economically strong was only to increase trade and export. He mentioned that he after coming back from the UK also started work to facilitate the Pakistanis for exhibitions of their manufacturers throughout the world. He said that we have sufficient resources for energy but we are not utilising them and country is facing crises, which are also creating other multiple issues.

Dr Sarwar said although the government was not cooperating with him, yet he started work at his own level to enable 10,000 people yearly to convert their vehicles to water. He said they would soon bring a revolution in the country. He also criticised the Benazir Income Support Program on which Rs 70 billion have been spent and termed it a way to make the nation beggar. He was of the view if those Rs 70 billion are utilized for technical training thousands of people would have been able to get better livelihoods.

He said his own vehicle, which posed an engine of 3200 CC, was running on water.