LAHORE The Pakistan Electric Power Company has failed to bridge the gap between electricity generation and demand. Resultantly, worst loadshedding is continuing across the country. On Wednesday, the City remained under the usual grip of horrible trippings and unscheduled power outages throughout the day. The Lahore Electric Supply Company conducted two to three hours spells of loadshedding at various grid stations on rotational basis with abrupt power breakage of 20 minutes to half hours in an hour also. The big cities of the country, including Lahore, are experiencing 10 to 12 hours of loadshedding while small cities and towns were facing above 13 hours of outages. The situation in rural areas was worst with 16 hours of outages. People while talking to TheNation said that the government had badly failed to end the loadshedding crisis continuing for the last three years and also the Power Ministry had been hiding the true gravity of the crisis. Before the start of Ramazan, the government had decided to provide uninterrupted power supply to domestic consumers during Sehar and Iftar. However, the strategy has been failed badly as the domestic consumers and industry both are facing the loadshedding problems due to continuously widening gap between electricity generation and demand.