LAHORE - PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has announced to introduce an amendment to the law for ending secret balloting.

Talking to the media at Bilawal House on Saturday, he expressed the hope that the treasury would support the amendment, saying Prime Minister Imran Khan was himself a critic of the said procedure.

“He (PM) had termed secret balloting root of horse trading,” he said, adding, it was up to his party now to support the legislation.

Referring to the failure of no-trust move against Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani, Bilawal said that everybody was witness to the foul play in Senate in broad daylight. 

“Everybody saw 64 senators supporting the resolution. The number dropped to 50 when it came to secret balloting. It was a moral victory for the opposition. I still believe Sadiq Sanjrani should resign,” he said, adding, “People are losing confidence in ballot box from the union council level to the upper House. Secret balloting is a big joke with democracy.”

Hopes treasury will support the move

PPP chairman said that a fact finding committee had been formed to probe the failure of no-trust motion. He urged all the opposition parties to investigate the issue rather than pointing figures at others.

Bilawal said he had confidence in all PPP senators. “We convened the meeting of senators immediately. All have submitted resignations. We participated in the campaign wholeheartedly. We will probe the incident ourselves. Other parties should do the same,” he said, and recalled he had opposed leveling allegations against the PML-N in the past.

“We should focus on the government and the ‘hidden’ forces responsible for horse trading. I have no information about the involvement of Gen Faiz in Senate elections,” the PPP chairman said, and added that intelligence agencies had been used for political engineering in the past. He hoped that Gen Faiz would stay at a distance from politics.

To a question about toppling of the Sindh government, he said it was merely a wishful thinking.

“Don’t waste time. Come on and topple the government. I will form the government with majority within 90 days,” he said, and added that Ghotki election should serve as an eye opener for these people.

To a question about possible extension in the tenure of Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, he said it was up to the government to take decision while keeping in view the prevailing circumstances.

Accusing the National Accontability Bureau (NAB) of doing ‘selective’ accountability, Bilawal said there was a need for amending what he called the black law.

He condemned Indian atrocities in the held Kashmir and targeting of civilians across the Line of Control.

He vowed to continue struggle for the political and economic rights of masses. He said that PPP would soon launch mass contact campaign. “I will visit the whole country, including Punjab,” PPP chairman said, and added the selected government was unaware about miseries of masses.