LAHORE-Paper Miracles in collaboration with Lahore Art Council organized its 4th annual fundraising fashion show “Colours of Fusion” yesterday at Alhamra Hall I on Mall Road.

More than 45 performers comprising of 35 expatriates and diplomats, including Ambassadors from Austria, H.E. Brigitta Blaha, Bosnia, H.E.Nedim Makarevic , Denmark, H.E. Ole Thonke, Germany, H.E. Ina Lepel, Japan, H.E. Kurai Takashi and Poland, H.E.Piotr Opalinski participated in the event.

Performers also included diplomats and dignitaries from Belgium, Italy, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, USA, and representatives from United Nations High Commission for Refugees and United Nations Information Centre.

The fashion show featured celebrity models adorned in Pakistani attire Noor by Amna Syed and traditional Japanese kimonos and other national dresses bejeweled with accessories made from paper beads from the Paper Miracles collection.

The event was full of surprises. Diplomats and dignitaries struted their walk on the catwalk; fusion dances were performed by Paper Miracles team and supporters which filled the hall with vibrant colors of their dupatas.

H.E. Takashi Kurai, Ambassador of Japan, appeared on stage to demonstrate the art of kendo, fusion dance performance where the beat of the dhol drummer and Japanese drum “wadaiko” echoed in the hall, and unplugged performance by H.E. NedimMakarevic, Ambassador of Bosnia and Hertzegovina. Elli Takagaki, Founder of Paper Miracles said, “The participation of the diplomats and the dignitaries made Colours of Fusion truly special.” 

The event also presented a “preview” of an upcoming coffee table book “Colours of Pakistan – Through the Eyes of the Diplomats”. As Imran Shauket, Co-founder of Paper Miracles put it, “This book comprising of amazing photograph of Pakistan’s culture, people and landscape taken by over 40 diplomats is a novel show of their appreciation of Pakistan”.

Paper Miracles and the diplomats appreciated the excellent support of the Alhamra staff and particularly the patronage of its Executive Director, Atta Muhammad, and Chairman, Kamran Lashari.

Ambassador Elli Takagaki said, “For me it’s like a dream which has come true. Special thanks to the ambassadors, diplomats and dignitaries from the all over the world that came to Pakistan and participated in this event. Paper miracle is a story of hope and inspiration that symbolizes the principle of positive change. It represents more than the physical transformation of waste paper into paper breads.

These women are taught how to recycle paper to create astonishing jewelry. We utilize labor, resources, and skills in a way that provides our women not only financial benefits but also a sense of security and a level of self-achievement and self-worthy.”