FAISALABAD (PR) CarFirst, Pakistan’s most trusted used car trading platform, has commenced its operations in Faisalabad with the bid to rapidly expand its network in the major metro cities in Punjab. CarFirst will be opening purchase centres, sales centres and offering franchising services in Faisalabad within the next two months. The expansion aims to provide potential car sellers with a safe and hassle-free car trading service in Faisalabad. Quick, transparent and seamless car trading, fuelled by innovation and implementation of international best practices, serve as primary drivers of the demand for CarFirst services in Faisalabad.

CarFirst has catered to the rising demand trends of the used car market by rapidly expanding its services across Pakistan. Foree Payment recently launched by CarFirst marked it as the fastest way to sell a used car in Pakistan. CarFirst aims to always put their customer’s convenience first and to further simplify and expedite the car selling process in Pakistan.