Prime Minister Shahid Khaqab Abbasi inaugurated first unit of Golen Gol power project in Chitral today. The project will add 36MW in Chitral grid station. 

According to details the project has three units with capacity of generating 108MW.  

While talking to the ceremony, prime minister said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has done most work for Chitral. "Nawaz Sharif and ruling party has completed the started projects," he said. 

He thanked WAPDA, Saudi Fund Support and Chinese companies for completion of the project. 

After destructive floods of 2015 in Chitral, the federal government asked WAPDA to build the project to fulfill socio-economic needs of people of Chitral and surrounding areas. 

The project will provide three-fold more electricity to actual need of the region. "The additional electricity can be exported across border to people of Afghanistan," the premier said.