Chief Justice of Pakistan Hameed Dogar's was caught in a scandal of nepotism. His daughter was given a head start over thousands of other students merely because she was his daughter. Giving extra marks to a student after re-assessment of papers (which the federal board doesn't allow otherwise) is illegal. Is it justice with hundreds of other students who also deserved admission in a medical college just like CJ's daughter? All admission-seeking students now need to have a father in high places to circumvent merit. One of my friends who got about 915 marks in her FSc equivalent did not get admission in any of the public or private medical colleges because her father is an ordinary teacher. She is right in asking why being in power more important than being on merit? Think of the recently reported case of this young, hard-working boy from Sindh who got 968 marks in his Fsc but was denied admission in any medical college just because he's physically impaired. Is this justice? -NAZISH ARSHAD, Islamabad, via e-mail, December 27.