Religion is certainly an epiphany to humanity. Its scriptures are the epitome of hatred and violence that are a testament to our very own narcissism; it is a tool created to exploit the ruthlessness and kindness of our tribal instincts.

We have long established a system of open prisons for our own based on the phobia for skin pigmentation and use this irrational tension to fuel hostile communal distances—combine religion [which is viewed by worshippers as the dominating truth] to the mix; we have a perfect psychological defect working against social progression.

This defect has drawn countless imaginary lines on Earth to further define our narcissistic values. Deluded beliefs and land segregations weren’t enough, so it also conveniently capitalized on the gender construct that perpetuate dehumanization[which has resulted in brutal existential strife].

The inception of tribalism can be triggered by a natural need to protect,and yet that sincerity is often molded into deadly divides that create far more animosity than good.Canvases of history are smudged in macabre tones of hatred where peace and unity remain mere fantasies while civility is torn down and set ablaze in the name of ideologies. This primitive sentiment has been commanding modernism by confusing technological advancement with social advancement and promotes a great disregard for human rights abuses persisting from the dark ages. The fallacy that a person’s religious sentiments should be protected is so exalted that human rights are being sacrificed. Yes—human rights are the sacrificial offering to appease people’s delusions even in the 21st century!

Religion indoctrinates enough to make people feel entitled to hypocrisy and contradiction on a more terrifying scale because reasoning is defined as “oppression” and “hate”, which leaves logic aloof—meaning there’s no real approach to end such belligerent bigotry except through unapologetic secularism. That means no appeasement and special accommodation—although being impartial can be very oppressive to some people!

Nationalism is the hierarchy of those dominating the global political grid which abuses the world population with classism to the point where whatever indignation one nation feels for or against another country is a vomit of hypocrisy. You cannot supersede the existing class conflict with reformist logic while appeasing tribalism [which religion has modified into a counter-productive mechanism]. Our thoughts needn’t be symmetrical but at least the aim for liberalism must be aligned for any humane ambition to succeed.

There is only one society, and it’s called Earth—you can call it “assimilation” to appease the nature of tribalism but whatever narcissism had labeled it, it doesn’t alter the fact that Earth is a singular society and humans will not survive this endless segregation built on sheer madness.

It is historically accurate to claim religion is the greatest tyrannical catalyst of tribalism; the hyperbole of justification it breeds for violence is unmatched. Without dissolving it—we collectively condemn societal progress.This dilemma isn’t an impasse—it does have solutions that are as easy to identify and comprehend as the dilemma itself—it just requires an open mind.

Aki Muthali is a freelance writer, who's a feminist. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, she currently lives in Canada. She’s also an illustrator and a painter. Follow her on Twitter