It was very painful to enter into 2020 while Kashmir was still bleeding and curfew was still continued.

I had published some assessments before Indian elections in my book “Modi’s war doctrine” that Modi’s extremism will increase, and he will come harder on Muslim community and Kashmir if he won the elections. I had predicted in this book that Narendra Modi has signed a pre-election agreement wherein he had committed to abrogate the status of Kashmir and deliver back the site of Babri Masjid to RSS.

My prediction came true as he did both and now Muslims are facing anti-Muslim Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 wherein Modi has set now the whole India on fire. Indian current situation witnessing countrywide protests against the new discriminatory Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 which has sparked fear and anger among India’s Muslims and other minorities.

In series of my tweets with Indian agents on last Sunday, I stated that Modi policies are against India which ignited fire among Indians and warned Modi to stop the killing of innocent Muslims.

I further tweeted that in the poetic way as under:

Yesterday Kashmir was burning,

Today Whole India is burning.

Both Kashmir & India are burning,

Modi Your RSS will ensure your burning,

Modi‘s own fire is set his own burning,

Modi pushing India to point of breaking.

While addressing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, I conveyed a message to them stating “I had predicted earlier that Modi will do blunders & will create wedge within the Indian communities. The blunder he has committed by introducing anti-Muslim law has already given shock to Indian public & the World and it is suspected that his own Home Minister Amit Shah might oust him with his pro group within RSS”.

Modi’s evil designs could be clearly assessed after Pulwama episode. Indian public at large should have realized the present consequences when he signed an agreement to follow RSS directions including scrapping of Kashmir status and handing over the site of Babri Masjid to Hindus.

Modi is a curse generally for whole of India as he is murderer of humanity, diehard supporter and member of RSS and the designer of crime against humanity in India and Kashmir.

The Book ‘Modi’s war doctrine’ was written by me to expose Modi’s evil designs and anti-Muslim syndrome. It is hard fact now that due to anti-Muslim syndrome, so far more than 94,000 Kashmiris have been killed, 7,000 persons have been killed in the custody of Army troops, 22,000 women have been widowed, 105,000 children have been orphaned and 10,000 women have been raped and molested by Indian military and paramilitary troops in Indian Held Kashmir which has been confirmed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Geneva in its reports.

In fact, the above scenario is pushing him to no return, and this is reportedly a design of Amit Shah, the Home Minister to oust Narendra Modi from his office. There is a very strong group in BJP which is criticizing his anti-Muslim, anti-Kashmir and destructive economic policies.

Narendra Modi after sorting out the Indian Muslim community will bring India back to the era of Barhaman Mafia duly supported by RSS and system of law because Barhaman Hindus believe that they are more superior class in India.

Indians are fearing that after the implementation of anti-Muslim laws Narendra Modi will then weed out anti-RSS Hindus through NRCD whereby the Indians will have to prove to be Hindus with old documentation of their nationality of status. It is very unfortunate that Prime Minister Modi continued to be lethal for Kashmiris and Indian Muslims.

Modi had been exercising brutalities in Kashmir and committing crime against the humanity during 2019 and now that he has entered in 2020, he is carrying forward the same anti-Muslim mindset and moving towards the implementation of the philosophy of Mr. Rajeshwar Singh (DJS Head) who vowed to free India from Muslims and Christians by 2021.

It looks that the New Year is not likely to bring any relief to Kashmiris and the UN will continue to be sleeping in 2020 too unless waken up by our governments with extra efforts.

The OIC has also taken Kashmir issue lightly and instead of calling an emergency meeting to provide relief to Kashmiris to the middle of next year, OIC also looks divided after the debacle of Malaysian Islamic Summit.

I have explained the above situation in India where not only Pakistan is worried, but this is for the first time the Hindu intellectuals and students have started raising their voices against the policies of Modi.

Modi has muted the voices of Indian media and hence emerging out as a leader worse than Hitler and it looks he will use the “Hitlerism and RSSims coupled with Daeshism” to achieve his lifelong targets of penalizing Muslims in India to cause demographic changes in India.

In the conclusion I would like to say that Indians have started realizing that Prime Minister Modi and his policies are pushing towards the extremism under command in India. Let us see how the relations between Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah deteriorate in view of their personal clash.

Priyanka Gandhi stated the following on Sadaf Zafar’s arrest:

“BJP says theatrics won’t fetch votes. The downfall of BJP has started with the unwise policies of PM Modi based on his own branded extremism invented by RSS”.

We are grateful to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for enforcing Two Nation Theory as this has proven right today. I pray that this New Year 2020 brings better changes in Indian occupied Kashmir and I hope that the world will listen to the voice of Kashmiris for their self-determination which is a right established under United Nations Resolutions. We need to accelerate our efforts to drag PM Modi in ICJ / ICC hence I have written a letter addressed to Mr. Abbubaccar Marie Tambadou, Minister of Justice, Gambia.

We are looking towards the government of Pakistan, OIC, UNSC, Human Rights Geneva to listen to the voice and wish of the oppressed Kashmiris in the year 2020 and look forward to the visit of Justice Minister Gambia enabling us to take his vision on it.