KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan vowed to give tough time to Zardari-led Pakistan People’s Party. Khan said PPP failed to deliver in Sindh during last 10 years.

Imran Khan Tuesday arrived Karachi on two days visit, as part of his ongoing election campaign. On his arrival party leaders welcomed the party chairman at airport. On the occasion, talking to media the PTI chief said that Sharif family owned four palaces in London, everyone knew it from the first day of the case. He added that the properties were amassed through black money.

He also commented on Lahore situation and said that couple of days ago Shehbaz Sharif had visited Karachi and claimed that he would make Karachi like Lahore, unfortunately today, “Lahore seems like Venice instead of Paris”.

Khan asked that who is responsible for Lahore’s situation where RS 350 billion were spent on development. He demanded the accountability of Shehbaz Sharif over Lahore’s situation.

Imran Khan further said that after the water crisis came to the fore, people are worried about the water shortage. “People used to mock us for the Billion Tree project, but now they understand the importance of the project,” he said.

Talking about election campaign, he said that the general election 2018 will be based on ideology as the political parties will have to explain to the voter the ideology behind asking for their votes. Earlier, an election was conducted in 1970 on ideology basis now it will be happened on July 25, he added.  He further demanded of the caretaker government of Sindh to remove the current Additional Inspector General Karachi Mushtaq Mehar, because fare and free election is impossible without impartial role of administration and police.

Later, Imran Khan addressed a groundbreaking ceremony of Orphanage in Memon Goth organised by Fixit Campaigner. On the occasion, he said that PTI after winning the election 2018 would make a “New Pakistan” where the poor people will facilitate and help them as per the dream of Quaid-e-Azam and Ideology of Allama Iqbal. He also congratulated the Fixit office bearers over the groundbreaking of orphanage.   

Meanwhile, Imran Khan also visited various constituencies of Karachi along with PTI’s nominated candidates and addressed public gatherings.

Imran Khan while addressing a public gathering in Gulshan-e-Maymar, criticised the performance of PPP led government and said that the Pakistan People Party failed to deliver for the people of Sindh. He asked the public that those who were not able to serve people in last ten years, how can they serve them in next five years? Imran Khan vowed that PTI would give a tough time to Asif Ali Zaradari’s party in upcoming general election in Sindh. He said that PTI will win the general election and give change to the masses.

On Tuesday night Imran Khan addressed another public gathering in NA-244 from where PTI provincial leader Ali Zaidi is contesting. “I have decided to contest election from Karachi because Pakistan’s development lies in the development of Karachi” Khan said on the occasion. He further said that in the past UAE investors had invested cache of money in Karachi, unfortunately, now our investors shifted their investment to UAE and youngsters moving for jobs due to lack of concrete policies and honesty.     

On the water shortage issue, Imran Khan said that developed countries are taking measures for converting the sea water into drinking water but previous governments did take any measure in this regard in port city.

He while talking about garbage heaps in the megacity, said that waste and garbage can be used for generation of electricity as it is being done in the world. However, Imran said that these things should be done with honest and dignity.

Imran Khan said that the parties were ruling for last thirty years had miserably failed to resolve public issues vowing to get people rid of them on July 25.