KARACHI - The season of switching political affiliation continued as different parties’ local leadership and workers were changing loyalties ahead of upcoming general election scheduled to be hold on July 25.

The local leaders who seem annoyed with the their party leadership were witnessed joining other political forces, moreover many who were known for changing loyalties were also in motion seeking greener pasture.

It is for the first time, the Karachi‘s political turf is witnessing such a massive changing of affiliation by the political workers.

Muttahida Quami Movement-Pakistan that marked victory frequently in general election and local government polls after split facing organisational smash up while it has also left workers confused in a crisis situation. Earlier, the leaders of MQM jumped into the newly formed party of former Mayor Karachi Mustafa Kamal while some joined the former provincial ruling Pakistan People Party (PPP). Recognising the uncertainty many of MQM workers followed their leaders stance and joined PSP.

Furthermore, PTI also faced backlash at the time of distribution of party tickets on Karachi constituencies however interestingly PTI achieved to catch some of MQM activists having expertise to run election campaign. Similarly Mohajir Quami Movement-Haqqiqi also received the dent as many of its key workers in locality of Korangi ending their journey with party joined PPP.

In the recent way of switching loyalties, Afazal Koti a local leader of Malir affiliated with Mohajir Quami Movement-Haqqiqi along with his followers joined Muttahida Quami Movement-Pakistan whereas Zulfiqar aka Zulfi from the locality of Gulistan-e-Joher after quitting Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) joined All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) along with his supported team of workers.

Moreover, another performance was seen in PSP chairman Mustafa Kamal presser on Monday when he made the announcement that hundreds of workers affiliated with various political parties joined his party. Kamal informed that PTI leader Dua Zuabir, Political worker Syed Zameerul Hassan Rizvi, APML Rashid Baig, Azam Hamza, Rahim Rizvi, Adeel Sandeep Kumar, Owais Kamal, PML-Q Syed Jafferul Hassan Poori and other along with their team has joined PSP. And it is good sign that about 80 political workers for the locality of Lyari, 96 MQM workers, one from Jamaat-e-Islami and one from Awami National Party has joined PSP.

Meanwhile, commenting on the matter of switching of party affiliation, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi Chapter leader Subhan Ali Shail who had resigned from District President slot few weeks ago told The Nation that disregarding merit had panicked political workers present in PTI ranks. He said that panel that was emerged in the party over the unfair distribution of party tickets of upcoming general election is still loyal with Imran Khan but they have been forced to stay home due to the presence of group which responsible for the injustice with the workers.

He further said that since long the workers worked for the party following its ideology but unfortunately at the time of election they were surprised to witnessed supremacy of anti-ideological elements present in the party ranks.

To a question about PTI workers changing affiliations a head of polls, Shail said that large numbers of workers still stands with Imran Khan‘s ideology but some of the passionate category of workers mostly youth had switched their loyalties expressing annoyance over PTI decisions. It is pertinent to mention here that at the time of election the changing of affiliation across the country has remained a normal practice but for the first time massive switching of political parties is being witnessed in Karachi. Political analyst responding matter said Karachi politico’s neighborhood is witnessing political vacuum after destruction of MQM while the political workers has left with no choice except change of loyalties while many has also preferred to stay home due to the uncertainty.