LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has taken notice of agitation in Gujrat jail and upon his direction, nine jail officials, including a Warden have been suspended along-with the direction to register the case.

While presiding over a meeting, the CM directed to put complaint boxes in jails along with the directions to prepare a list of corrupt jail officials.  He also asked the special branch to submit a situation report by visiting the Gujrat jail.

He vowed that those engaged in cruelty and injustice in jails will be made a horrible example and they will have to be answerable in this life and hereafter. He directed that a case be registered against the Superintendent for overcharging in the canteen and the one involved in cruelty will be locked in the same jail.

The corrupt officials of the special branch should also mend their ways, he warned.

The CM announced that he will examine the situation by visiting different jails and orders will be issued on the spot. The corrupt rob helpless people like a dacoit. He directed that jail discipline should be ensured and warned that torture is not acceptable.  He directed that a foolproof mechanism of provision of essentials items to prisoners by their families be devised and special committees be constituted in every region to solve the problems of the prisoners.

He further directed that prisoners should be provided with every item at market rate in jail canteen.

The government has given attention to the jail reforms after 72 years and the Prison Act has also been promulgated for the welfare of the prisoners.  Action will be taken for not submitting a prior report about agitation and restlessness in jail, the CM added.

Law Minister Raja Basharat, Chief Secretary, ACS (Home), IG Jails and others attended the meeting.