LAHORE While rejecting the national budget as jugglery of words and figures, lawyers have demanded of the government to end the war on terror and shift spending on it to the public welfare as this war is the actual factor behind reeling price hike in the country and the growing difference between the rich and the poor. They say budget appear an ambitious bid to provide for the common man as it happens every year, but actually contains no programme nor sets any line of action to make relief oriented agenda possible. They said no tax has been levied on agriculture as all big landlords, feudals and owners of land at large scale are sitting in the assemblies minting billions by getting relief of tax on the one hand and through high sale price of wheat, cotton and other produce on the other. The lawyers say budget is another ploy by the government to soothe the masses with sweat dreams of good days which appear impossible to come true for the fact the rules and the politicians do not want to part with their luxuries and loot of the public money at the top of mopping up every benefit for themselves, their favourites and kith and kins. The said 24 per cent of our economy is on the side of agriculture but no tax is there and the government also did not have any water tight monetary policy to reduce inflation which has touched 14 per cent and is on the rise due to printing of two to three billion rupees daily generating in turn price hike to a great hardship of the masses. Secretary Supreme Court Bar Association Qamar Zaman Qureshi is in a fix to understand what resources generation plan the budget carried. The rampant corruption serves big and formidable blow to revenue generation through taxes and no plan has been put forth to combat this evil, Qureshi said adding, the rich have once again go off the tax net and economic burden shift to the poor. President Lahore High Court Bar Association Ashgar Ali Gill says war on terror is a major factor eating up the national resources and leaving the nation fighting with poverty, hunger, energy dearth, diseases and terror threats. The nation in this war, is not only paying through lives but also their huge resources, he said, exhorting the government to come out of this American war in order to siphon off the money so saved, to the public welfare. He said our children are going without education and food, but the country is obliged to foot the bill of war. Can 15 per cent increase in salaries of the pubic servants compete with the 200 per cent price hike over the last year, Gill posed a query.