Karachi   -   Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh parliamentary party leader Haleem Adil Sheikh has invited Bilawal to launch a drive against Aids in Sindh along with him.

Talking to media outside the Sindh Assembly, he said instead of saving NAB-affectees, Bilawal Zardari should work for saving Aids-affectees of Sindh. He said today Sindh is known in whole world for HIV. He said more than half ruling party members are wanted to the NAB and remaining half to ‘aunty corruption’. He said medicines are supplied for Thar but they are not given to patients. He said innocent children are dying in Thar, but the government of Sindh has no plan in this regard.

Haleem Adil said he would write a letter to Sindh chief secretary to know that how many officers of Sindh have already done plea-bargain deals with the NAB. He said after Eid the PTI along with the people of Sindh would launch a drive to get due rights for the people of Sindh.

He said now it is necessary to save Sindh from one family. He said today’s meeting on Police Act was relatively positive. He said the government of Sindh only wants funds but is does not want to work. It only wants corruption, but now the era of corruption is about to end.