With the technology advancement, our priorities have also changed. People have become more materialistic rather than realistic. Few years back, people make relations and friendships to keep them. Then after this they became practical and started extracting benefits from these relations and now they have become professional as they only make and keep relations if they seek benefits in it.  

This situation has a very adverse effect in our lives because we are forgetting our moral values. This certainly has damaged the humanitarian cause in the society. This has led to many issues in the society. For example people are not trustworthy these days. Everyone comes to you for some sake. In the near past, there is a principle followed by the people i.e. give and take.  

But now the concept has been changed with the advancement in everything and it has become “Don’t give but only take“. This has changed our thinking patterns as well. People have become so rigid that they don’t even think for a while when playing with someone’s emotions. We must be aware of significance of relations as every relation is not meant for benefits. Some relations only demand respect and care. So we need to keep our relations aside from meanness and materialistic approaches to maintain the morality and core values of the society alive. 


Lahore, February 19.