LAHORE - Congratulating the N-backed winners in the Senate polls, Maryam Nawaz Sharif has said they have changed political tradition by proving themselves true soldiers of Nawaz Sharif.

She tweeted yesterday that the N–backed winners not only staunchly stood by Nawaz Sharif but they also showed no fear and remained resolute.

“Allah Almighty has once again made Nawaz Sharif triumphant against those elements who all the time claimed to have wrested from Nawaz Sharif the award of kingmaker,” she said adding, “The one who enjoys divine help, cannot be defeated and no conspiracy can stop his way.”

“Stop me if you can,” Maryam tweeted adding, “Nawaz Sharif’s selectees have won despite they were divested of party symbol (tiger) and the party sign. You have proved yourselves as tigers of Nawaz Sharif.”

Meanwhile, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan has said that the success of the PML-N-supported candidates is a defeat of anti-democratic forces and those who are their instruments.

Talking to media after announcement of the unofficial results of Senate election in the Punjab Assembly here yesterday, Sana said Senate election was also a defeat of those forces which did not want the polls to be held to check the process of democracy.

“Such forces have been defeated on all fronts by the Senate election and the win of the N-backed persons,” he said.

Sana said it was not the victory of N-supported candidates but that of Nawaz Sharif who picked them up and put them in the field at a time when the PML-N had been thrown out of contest and the candidates were not allowed to use the party symbol. The law minister said their victory had endorsed Nawaz Sharif’s narrative that people of Pakistan wanted continuity of democratic process and supremacy of law and they stood by Nawaz Sharif in his struggle.

He denied the PML-N was involved in horse-trading in the Senate polls and said the victory of the N-backed candidates had re-established the fact that Nawaz Sharif and PML-N could never be eliminated from the national politics.

“It has also been proved that Nawaz Sharif is the most popular leader in the country and no decision can turn down the popular opinion which is in favour of Nawaz Sharif,” he added.

The law minister said those who wanted to bring in ‘controlled democracy’ would never succeed and the movement launched by Nawaz Sharif for the supremacy of the Constitution and sanctity of the ballot would certainly reach its logical end. He said the victory of N-backed candidates was according to the party strength in the Punjab Assembly.

Senator Pervez Rashid and the winners of party-backed candidates, speaking on the occasion, pledged their complete support to Nawaz Sharif and vowed to stand by him through thick and thin. They said it was not theirs but the victory of Nawaz Sharif who was their quaid, leader and guide.