TAKHT BHAI - Mardan Police have ar­rested 334 proclaimed offenders along with 65 abettors and also recov­ered weapons and am­munition during a cam­paign against outlaws in the month of February.

On the directives of District Police Officer Saj­jad Khan, the police con­ducted search and strike operations in all the three tehsils of the district dur­ing February and recov­ered 32 Kalashnikovs, 16 Kalakovs, 15 rifles, 39 guns, 603 pistols, 60 dynamites, 50 detona­tors, 600 safety fuses and 9503 bullets of different bores.

In drugs recovery, the police seized 289kg cha­ras, 8,796 grams heroin, 5,573 grams ice, and 87 litters wine and booked the culprits in the cases.

Also in the month, the anti-car lifting cell of Mardan police recovered 10 stolen vehicles in vari­ous parts of the district. Speaking to journalists, DPO Sajjad Khan said un­der the proactive policing plan, the police force had been directed to go after criminals and stop crimes while under preven­tive policing, the police were trying to prevent activities that can lead to crimes.