Sialkot-Under the directions of Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid, Principal Government Khawaja Safdar Medical College Sialkot has formed an inquiry committee to inquire into wasting of medicines of Government Sardar Begum Hospital Sialkot.

It is learnt that paramedical and clerical staff wasted medicines worth million of rupees and threw in a well without permission of any higher authority. An inquiry was held into the incident by Dr. Zahid Ghani Dar and Dr. Arif Sheikh. However, these doctors have been retired from service. The health minister being not satisfied with the inquiry conducted by said doctors, asked authorities to re-constitute an inquiry team and hold fresh probe into the matter. Complying with the directions, Principal Tariq Mehmood Rehan of said medical college has formed a new inquiry committee and this panel will comprise Dr. Ansar and Dr. Moanim.

The inquiry committee will present its report within a month.