Snap!!! Spoilers ahead. And there goes half of the sentient life forms in the universe. We knew it folks. We knew it since the mad titan first appeared with a grim on his face in the post-credit scenes of the 2012 blockbuster The Avengers. The stakes had never been this higher. Even the Green Goliath refused. Nooooooooo! Banner tried but Hulk simply refused. Thor should've gone for the head. If only Odin would've been there. But the God of Thunder is stronger than his father. Right? Wrong!!!

Marvel may have destroyed competition with their latest cinematic spectacle. Ooooops, DC!!!! The 10-year journey that began with Robert Downey Jr starrer Iron Man in 2008 came to fitting conclusion with Infinity War. The movie isn't your typical good guys win the day. It is chaos, not the character from the Marvel Comics. The film kicks off with two major deaths: Heimdall and Loki's. And boy they are brutal. Thor watches in horror as Thanos chokes his adopted brotherrrr to death.

Back on Earth Dr Strange finds a Hulk-less Bruce Banner. In space, the Guardians meet Thor who happens to have survived one hell of a beatdown at the hands of Thanos. Then another invasion takes place. Ironman, Dr Strange and Spider-Man go to outer space where they have an epic showdown with the antagonist while another invasion takes place in Wakanda for the mind stone. The shots are stunning, the fight scenes awesome, and when it comes to the cinematography, Marvel simply delivers. The cosmos perfectly blends with the movie setting. After all, it is half of the universe that is at stake.

But what is the IT factor in Avengers: Infinity War? The film isn't about our beloved heroes trying to save the universe. In fact their presence is the one that causes troubles in the first place; Hulk rampage, Thor battling an alien that levelled an entire city in the first part of the Asgardian's trilogy. It is about correcting the malpractices mankind is causing. It is about "balancing the universe". Even Thor stabbing Thanos with his stormbreaker doesn't stop the mighty titan from carrying out such a humongous task.

The emotional toll is as high as the death toll. Fan favourites turn to dust. Dr Strange, Black Panther, the guardians except for Rabbit (pardon) Rocket, Bucky and Spider-Man, whose death hit me and everyone (I guess) at the theater the hardest. Screw you Marvel for removing a teenager from reality. What's next for Earth's mightiest heroes remains to be seen as we have to wait until 2019.

If you haven't seen the movie then #ThanosDemandsYouSeeTheMovie