HYDERABAD - The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases were increased to 325 as 13 new cases reported here in Hyderabad during last 24 hours.

According to data updated here on Sunday by provincial health department, out of 325 confirmed coronavirus cases, majority were of local transmissions.

The Sindh Health Department officials informed that majority of patients were admitted in COVID-19 isolation wards set up in different hospitals of the city for further treatment.

Of these 325 confirmed cases, 169 patients have so far been recovered and discharged from isolation wards of different hospitals of Hyderabad while four patients had lost their lives due to viral infection, report said and added that 135 patients were under treatment in isolation wards and at their homes.

As per policy, the coronavirus patients who belonged to other districts to be counted with reference to their parent district, sources said.

According to local health department officials, 105 positive COVID-19 patients were in district Hyderabad, out of them 55 were in home isolation, 24 at ISRA hospital, 4 at Kohisar hospital, 5 at CMH, 12 at LU hospital while five patients were under treatment in different hospitals at Karachi.