Wah cantt - In order to secure victory in the upcoming local government elections, the political parties are flexing their muscles at Taxila and Wah and are busy electioneering round the clock.

Political atmosphere in the area is heating up with major political parties as well as local pressure groups have almost drawn their strategies and finalised their plans for the next local government polls.

A survey conducted by this correspondent revealed that main contenders — PML-N and PTI — are pursuing hectic campaign to woo the voters to ensure victory in as many as 22 seats of Taxila and Wah. Analysis of different mainstream political parties suggested that PTI, JI and PML-N will go for solo flights while PPP and other local political pressure groups will forge alliance and keep all their options open. Inside party sources said that local PTI group led by former Federal Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan has decided not to make electoral alliance with any political party. The party sources said that as PTI is considering itself as a key opposition party in the area, therefore it is not in mood of forging electoral alliances or making seat adjustments. It has been observed that PTI workers’ opinion is based on results of the general elections in which all three parliament seats, one for national assembly and two for provincial assembly, were won by PTI. Similarly, both seats of recently held Cantonment board elections were clinched by PTI and similarly six out of ten seats in Wah Cantonment was grabbed by PTI candidates. The PTI City chapter is more active in urban areas and is already shouldering the campaign efforts of the party candidates. While in rural areas, small teams have been set up to identify such voters, groups, families and castes where the party candidates will personally reach out to put them in their electoral strength through utilizing ‘caste card.’

On the other hand, the PML-N is directing its efforts in mopping up its supporters and voters. The party is much more active to gather such a strength that could earn it victory in the LG election beyond the level of the margin of face-saving. The PML-N is not at all willing to leave any stone unturned to grab maximum seats in LG polls. The ruling party has initiated various mega projects like Rescue 1122, Wah General Hospital, and boys and girls schools to get sympathies of the voters of the area. Massive development funds are also utilized ahead of polls to influence the voters. The PML-N leaders and workers are making efforts to regain the party’s lost glory and take revenge from the PTI for the last cantonment board elections. Contrary to late electioneering for cantonment board elections, PML-N has started early electioneering.

For initiating electioneering, Federal Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ai Khan held a workers convention here at Kohistan Secretariat in recent past in which he mobilised the party workers and directed the local leadership to finalise names of those potential candidates for Taxila which have sound political background and strong vote bank.

The PML-Q has no grounds in the city for this election. The PPP, which has lost most of its political ground in Punjab, looks confused concerning the upcoming LG elections and looking for JI and other local pressure groups for coalition.