Why does no one seem to respect the court? Kaptaan took his due time to come over. Ishaq Dar has now fallen ill due to the court calling. NS has reasons to delay the judicial proceedings. Mush is a constant escapee. And, then, murderers such as Shahrukh Jatoi don’t care about their hearings either. How does a lay man expect any justice from the courts if justice takes way too long to take place?

Institutions in this country do not work and hence, the people don’t work either. As a populace we have grown addicted to simply being contended with how things are. One such addiction is the social class. Everyone thrives to reach the higher ladder. No one seems contended with what they are. That has much to do with how basic necessities in Pakistan are dependent on social classes. However, the point is that unlike how in other countries, money and fame is the motivating factor, in Pakistan, the thirst is most obvious for respect and authority. Hence, hundreds of thousands appear in CSS exams hoping to get into cadres where they can exercise authority. Authority, in more simpler words, is simply another word for dictation. Which, in turn, implies that there are people under you who you have the authority to dictate. That alone is the single motivating factor for many of these aspirants.

Why are we so foolishly running after authority? Also, in doing so, have we not given in to be devoted to the continuation of a society where class system exists? Afterall, if there is equality in a society, there will be no one left to dictate. Hence, we artificially keep generations after generations underprivileged just so we have someone to dictate.

In the European lands, such layers of authority are always looked down upon. A professor will get frustrated on being called a ‘sir’. Similarly, anyone who dares to have protocols and disrupts the usual way of things faces backlash. There, everyone has equal rights be it a cleaner or an MP. There, the justice system is strict on anyone and this, in turn, keeps everyone in check. There, the uniformed might be given respect and a free delivery if newspaper but you see them walk around with no brigade of pickup trucks protecting them. Besides military compounds, where work takes place, they don’t have VVVIP sectors dedicated to offer a lifestyle no one else in the country can hope to indulge in. There, no one dares calling the non-uniformed ‘bloody civilians’. There too, the army is as subject to Law as is the layman.

And then, here, we have special treatments awarded to numerous classes. I personally believe that Pakistan class system should be termed as a caste system for people belonging to a certain class are destined to remain as such. And then, the institutions we spoke about work in accordance with the caste system. In that sense, maybe institutions do work, but they work for the castes. Hence, Pakistan is the perfect embodiment of an organized chaos.

Education has proven to fall short of finding solutions for us. Of course, this has little to do with education and more to do with how we understand education. We don’t teach our student to critically analyze things and instead, require them to mindlessly route learn and follow instructions. Of course, we see the same with the CSS curriculum where, as the numerous academies insist, the key is to learn how to pass the exam, not to do good. The important thing to do is to write what the examiner requires and not to show your own personal touch. In other words, be the mindless zombie robot the system wants you to be and if you do that, in due time, more mindless zombie robots will be recruited for your bidding.

So, maybe, the key has to be justice. Justice does put things in perspective. Everyone, everywhere in the more developed countries have both the fear and the faith in their judicial system. They know that the law will crack down on the deviants and when it does, it is merciless. Hence, people just, simply, follow rules. Maybe it is our time to turn our attention to the courts and make them the institutions that give the framework of a just society where caste and creed and social class does not offer you opportunities to make a mockery of the system. Then, maybe, this country we all love to love, might find its bearing and stop being the organized chaos we call the Pakistani way of living.